Friday, April 9, 2010

Hoisting My World Behind Me from SF to Zurich

> Last ride, last day in SF.

Geography and time have moved at an equally rapid pace the past few weeks. I packed up my life into a 6x6 storage unit and two suitcases, enjoyed a final few bike rides in San Fran, hopped a flight to Seattle to relish my family at our best event yet - Hollie & Isiah's wedding, and now I am in Zurich for 8 days bound for Ghana.  And yes, I have begrudgingly been the sherpa for my 65 kilos (143 lbs) of luggage. I look like that girl who brings shoes for every possible outfit that you see in the airport and think 'she should just not travel if it is that much effort.' Luckily, I have an excuse.

Zurich is gorgeous and tastes even better. The landscape with the rising Alps above Lake Zurich and greenery are incredibly similar to the Puget Sound in Washington with pristine running weather! The architecture, cobble stone streets, and cathedrals are quintessentially European with German influence. The Swiss are strong traditionalists with fairly ridged social norms and odd regulations to enforce them (apparently it is illegal to recycle on Sunday because it is noisy). The food tastes handcrafted - from the crusty fresh bread to the decadent chocolate and smooth wheat beer. I am indulging while I can.

The Google office here is a little fantastical with fire poles and slides running between the seven floors, authentic chairlifts serving as couches, a greenhouse, library and outgoing groups of Googlers to go along with it. They have ensured that I enjoy the slightly uptight, smokey, male dominated Zurich nightlife to its fullest. I have ;)

This town is awesome but little too quite for my style. I think I might go to Italy for the weekend. Given the wedding I attended last week, I am confident Italians are slightly less reserved. More pictures can be found here!