Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From Italian Girl to Accra 'Obruni'

Since my last post, I traveled to historic Milano, Italy for the weekend, back to Zurich and am now sitting to Accra, Ghana - my new home. I traveled to Italy by train through the snow capped Swiss Alps, twisting through quaint towns, remote villages, deep gorges and absolutely stunning lakes. The border between Switzerland and Italy was only marked by the backyard gardens transitioning to small family vineyards but the culture is worlds way.  I strolled and ate my way through Milano then capstoned Zurich with back-to-back pub crawls with local Googlers. (Italy pics)

On Wednesday night I arrived in Accra, Ghana welcomed by a hot balmy gust of wind that settled to just....hot air. The only other Google employee, Estelle, welcomed me and drove me to my new abode with 3 roommates, a lively security guy named Hope, a house keeper Theo with her 5 yr old daughter Blessings. 

Thus far, Ghana has lived up to its reputation as a friendly, topical safe haven, with incredible mangos and even better people.  It's economy is booming - hosting West Africa's first proper mall, well paved roads with nice cars, tons of expats, and a bourgeoning local middle class. Poverty still has a prevalent face in society but its not ruling the complexion. 
Since my arrival, I have managed to join a cycling group, church, running club, and have meetings with local developers, the largest university in Ghana, a Nigerian bank and lost power and water at least once a day (if it is on at all to loose).  I am mastering the 'bucket shower.'  On the radar is purchasing a 4x4 and a week in Senegal.

Funfact: Ghanians love country music. You will find Dolly Parton much faster than Beyonce on the radio.                            > My house >>>

~ Bridge ' Obruni '

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